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Act I Hirelings: Rogue Scouts
The Hirelings of Act I are available from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. As Rogues, they specialize in the use of Bows and can be useful for ranged support. If the Rogue Hireling has any special abilities (Fire or Cold arrows), they will be listed in the recruitment window.

Skills: Cold Arrow/Inner Sight or Fire Arrow/Inner Sight

Act II Hirelings: Desert Mercenaries
The Hirelings of Act II are available from Greiz in Lut Gholein. They specialize in Melee Attacks. If Hirelings have any special abilities, they will be listed in the recruitment window.

Skills: Jab, plus one of the following auras:

Combat (Normal): Prayer
Combat (Nightmare): Thorns
Combat (Hell): Prayer

Defense (Normal): Defiance
Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze
Defense (Hell): Defiance

Offense (Normal): Blessed Aim
Offense (Nightmare): Might
Offense (Hell): Blessed Aim

Notes: These guys are the most party friendly Hirelings because they share their Auras with all of the party, including Minions.

The Aura the Hireling uses depends on the Difficulty level you were at and which type of Hireling you hired. You cannot control which of the available Auras the Hireling uses but normally they stick with one.

Act III Hirelings: Ironwolves
The Hirelings of Act III are available from Asheara in Kurast. They specialize in Lightning, Fire, and Cold spell attacks. The Hirelings special abilities will be listed in the recruitment window.

Skills: Charged Bolt/Lightning or Glacial Spike/Ice Blast/Frozen Armor or Inferno/ Fireball

Notes: Ironwolves rarely swing their sword so find them a good "caster" sword.