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Not all Shrines have an Icon above them.

Shrines only affect the player that first touches the Shrine, except the Fire Shrine.

Shrines that have a duration and Wells can be used to counter or remove the effects of a monster's curse, such as those casted by "Cursed" Unique Monsters, and Oblivion Knights. But the reverse is also true, monsters and hostile players can remove a Shrine bonus if/when they cast a curse on the Player.

Icon Shrine Name Shrine Effect Renew Time
Mana Recharge
+400% mana recharge rate 5 96
Armor Boost
+100% Defense 5 96
Combat Boost
+200% to Attack Rating, +200% min and max damage 5 96
Resist Fire
+75% to resist fire 5 144
Resist Cold
+75% to resist cold 5 144
Resist Lightning
+75% to resist lightning 5 144
Resist Poison
+75% to resist poison 5 144
+2 to all skill levels.
Will not add points in skills that do not have at least one point (either through skill points or from items).
5 96
Unlimited Stamina 5 192
50% more experience per kill 0 144
  Refilling Shrine Fills health and Mana 2 0
  Health Shrine Fully refills Health 2 0
  Mana Shrine Fully refills Mana 2 0
  Portal Shrine Opens a portal to the Town in the act 0 0
  Fire Shrine All players and monsters lose 1/2 current HP, Fireballs 0 0
  Monster Shrine The nearest monster becomes a Unique or Champion monster 0 0
  Gem Shrine Upgrades a random gem or skull in your inventory or gives a chipped gem or skull.
The gem with the most time in your inventory will be upgraded.
will not upgrade Gems that are already placed in armor or weapons.
0 0
  Exploding Shrine Gives player 5-10 exploding potions and tosses out 5 exploding potions in random directions/distances 0 0
  Poison Shrine Gives player 5-10 poison gas potions & creates ring of Poison gas around shrine. The Poison Shrine also has another (hidden) bonus of making Poison Duration = 0 0 0
  Wells Touching a well once will partially refill (equal to half of your maximum) your life, mana, and stamina, as well as your mercenary and minions. Wells will also cure Poison and remove Curses. Touch again to use the rest of the well.
Using only the first half (partial refill) of the well causes it to replenish faster. An empty well refills to half before again refilling to full.
N/A 0