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Blocking is listed under Defense.

Character Stats

Affects the amount of damage your attacks inflict and the type of armor and weapons you can equip.
You generally only want enough strength for your gear.

Your success in hitting targets with your melee and ranged attacks is expressed as your Attack Rating.
Your ability to defend against attacks is expressed as your Defense Rating.

The only three reasons to place points in dexterity is as a bow-wielding amazon, barbarian with a lance, or as spell caster with Spectral Shard Blade.

Increases life and stamina (how far you can run).

Place all extra points in vitality.

Double Heal:
Vitality determines your chance of restoring twice the normal Hit Points from a Healing Potion:
Chance of Double Heal for Vitality up to 200: Vit / 4
Chance of Double Heal for 200 Vitality and up: 100 - (10000 / Vit)

Increases mana.

Mana Regeneration:
The following formula is used to calculate how much Mana a character can regenerate per second:
25 * [[256 * max_mana / (25 * 120)] * (100 + %Mana Regeneration) / 100] / 256

A simpler formula gives an approximation: (M * R) / 120. M = Maximum Mana
R = (100 + %Mana Regeneration) / 100

Double Mana:
Energy determines your chance of receiving twice the normal Mana points from a Mana Potion:
Chance of Double Mana for Energy up to 200: Energy / 4
Chance of Double Mana for 200 Energy and up: 100 - (10000 / Energy)

Character Stats

Attack Damage - The first field represents the damage for the action assigned to your Left Action Icon, while the second field represents the damage for the Right Action Icon, regardless of whether the action is an attack, a skill, or a spell. The higher the number, the more damage your character will do per attack. If a field is blank, the action assigned to that slot does not cause direct damage.

For Thrown and Melee Weapons:
Final_Damage = Weapon_Damage * (Str + 100) / 100

For Bows and Crossbows:
Final_Damage = Weapon_Damage * (Dex + 100) / 100

Total Damage:

'+x To Minimum/Maximum Damage' in this case is from items other than the weapon.

StatsBonus = a damage bonus you get from your strength and/or Dexterity (depends on what kind of weapon you're using).
    Hammers (War Hammer, Maul, Great Maul and their upgrades) : 1.10*str / 100
    Daggers and Throwing Weapons: (0.75*str / 100) + (0.75*dex / 100)
    Bows and Crossbows: dex / 100
    Other Weapons: str / 100
    Rounded down to 0.01 accuracy (e.g., Hammers and 157 Strength is a StatsBonus of 1.72)

+x % Enhanced Damage
    all +x % Enhanced Damage from different items and skills (both your skills and auras).
    +x% Enhanced Damage versus demons/undead is put here as well.
    -x% dmg from skills like Weaken, Taunt (monster only) and Battle Cry is put here.
    If monsters have no StatsBonus or Skill Enhanced Damage%, then -x% dmg will lower their dmg by the stated amount. When they have an aura (Might/Fanatacism), the -x% reduces the skill Enhanced Damage%.

Default = 1
Multiple Shot/Strafe/Lightning Bolt = 0.75
Critical Hit/Deadly Strike = 2

Attack Ratings
The higher the value, the more often you will hit in battle. Magical attacks and non-combat skills do not have Attack Ratings, and if these are selected in an Action Icon, that field will be blank.
Field one: The Attack Rating for the action linked to your Left Action Icon.
Field two: The action for the Right Action Icon.

If you are a melee fighter and your hits are missing too often, place points in dexterity (not recommended) or use AR boosting items such as: Sigon's Visor Great Helm and Angelic Halo Ring. Additionally, you will have a better chance of hitting your targets if your character is a higher level than your target. Spend some time leveling up if you're having trouble hitting even after boosting your Dexterity.

Chance to hit will never be less than 5% or more than 95%

The Class Bonus to level of attacker is:
    20 for Barbarians and Paladins
    15 for Assassins
    5 for Amazons and Druids
    -10 for Necromancers
    -15 for Sorceresses

Defense Rating

Defense determines your chance to be hit. Defense does not determine the amount of damage when hit (e.g. more defense will not reduce the amount of damage when hit). When 'naked', your Defense Rating = Dex / 4 (round down).

If wearing a shield, placing your cursor over 'Defense' will display your chance to be hit and your block percentage. Blocking is capped at 75%.

The only two ways to increase block % are via the unique armor Twitchthroe Studded Leather and the Paladin skill Holy Shield.

While running, block % is 1/3 of its original value.

Stamina affects how far you can run.

Armor and shield weight can drain stamina faster and reduce run/walk speed.

Light Armor or Shield: No penalty.
Medium Armor or Shield: 5
Heavy Armor or Shield: 10

Stamina Regeneration in seconds:
Standing still: Max_Stamina / 256
Walking: [Max_Stamina / 2] / 256

Stamina Loss:

ArmorSpeed is the value listed for your currently equipped armor and shield (add them up).
ItemDrainRate is any percentage bonus your items give you to x% Slower Stamina Drain. The Treads of Cthon (50%) are one of the items to have this.