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of the Jackel:+1-5 Lifealvl=1clvl=1Body Armors, Belts, Amulets
of the Jackel:+1-5 Lifealvl=8clvl=6Clubs, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Helms
of the Fox:+6-10 Lifealvl=7clvl=5Body Armors, Belts, Amulets
of the Fox:+6-10 Lifealvl=17clvl=13Clubs, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Helms
of the Wolf:+11-20 Lifealvl=15clvl=11Body Armors, Belts, Amulets
of the Wolf:+11-20 Lifealvl-34clvl=26Clubs, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Helms
of the Tiger:+21-30 Lifealvl=20clvl=15Body Armors, Belts, Amulets
of the Tiger:+21-30 Lifealvl=51clvl=43Clubs, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Helms
of the Mammoth:+31-40 Lifealvl=25clvl=18Body Armors, Belts, Amulets
of the Mammoth:+31-40 Lifealvl=68clvl=60Clubs, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Helms
of the Colosuss+41-60 Lifealvl=30clvl=22Body Armors, Belts, Amulets

of Strength:+1-2 Strengthalvl=1clvl=1Amulets, Belts, Clubs, Hammers
of Strength:+1 Strengthalvl=1clvl=1Gloves, Rings *
of Strength:+1-2 Strengthalvl=5clvl=3Rings, Scepters, Maces, Body Armors
of Strength:+1-2 Strengthalvl=12clvl=8Gloves, Shields, Melee Weapons (excluding Blunt Weapons)
of Might:+3-5 Strengthalvl=10clvl=8Amulets, Belts, Clubs, Hammers
of Might:+3-5 Strengthalvl=21clvl=15Rings, Scepters, Maces, Body Armors
of Might:+3-5 Strengthalvl=33clvl=25Gloves, Shields, Melee Weapons (excluding Blunt Weapons)
of the Ox:+6-9 Strengthalvl=26clvl=19Amulets, Belts, Clubs, Hammers
of the Ox:+6-9 Strengthalvl=38clvl=30Rings, Scepters, Maces, Body Armors
of the Ox:+6-9 Strengthalvl=45clvl=37Gloves, Shields, Melee Weapons (excluding Blunt Weapons)
of the Giant:+10-15 Strengthalvl=42clvl=34Amulets, Belts, Clubs, Hammers
of the Giant:+10-15 Strengthalvl=55clvl=47Rings, Scepters, Maces, Body Armors
of the Titan:+16-20 Strengthalvl=58clvl=50Amulets, Belts, Clubs, Hammers

of Energy:+1 Energyalvl=1clvl=1Helms, Rings
of Energy:+1-3 Energyalvl=1clvl=1Amulets, Wand, Staves
of Energy:+1-3 Energyalvl=7clvl=5Rings
of Energy:+1-3 Energyalvl=4clvl=3Helms, Scepters
of the Mind:+4-6 Energyalvl=7clvl=3Amulet, Wand, Staves
of the Mind:+4-6 Energyalvl=13clvl=9Rings
of the Mind:+4-6 Energyalvl=10clvl=7Helms, Scepters
of Brilliance:+7-10 Energyalvl=13clvl=9Amulet, Wand, Staves
of Brilliance:+7-10 Energyalvl=21clvl=16Rings
of Brilliance:+7-10 Energyalvl=15clvl=12Helms, Scepters
of Sorcery:+11-15 Energyalvl=21clvl=16Amulet, Wand, Staves
of Sorcery:+11-15 Energyalvl=31clvl=23Rings
of Wizardry+16-20 Energyalvl=31clvl=23Amulet, Wand, Staves

of Dexterity:+1-2 Dexalvl=1clvl=1Amulets, Missile Weapons
of Dexterity:+1 Dexalvl=1clvl=1Boots, Gloves, Rings *
of Dexterity:+1-2 Dexalvl=6clvl=4Rings, Gloves
of Dexterity:+2-3 Dexalvl=13clvl=9Body Armors, Boots
of Skill:+3-5 Dexalvl=11clvl=8Amulets, Missile Weapons
of Skill:+3-5 Dexalvl=22clvl=16Rings, Gloves
of Skill:+4-5 Dexalvl=31clvl=26Body Armor, Boots
of Accuracy:+6-9 Dexalvl=27clvl=20Amulets, Missile Weapons
of Accuracy:+6-9 Dexalvl=39clvl=31Rings, Gloves
of Accuracy:+6-9 Dexalvl=45clvl=38Body Armors, Boots
of Precision:+10-15 Dexalvl=41clvl=35Amulets, Missile Weapons
of Precision:+10-15 Dexalvl=56clvl=48Rings, Gloves
of Perfection:+16-20 Dexalvl=59clvl=51Amulets, Missile Weapons

+Max Damage
of Craftsmanship:+1 Maxalvl=1clvl=1Rings, Amulets, Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Quality:+2 Maxalvl=4clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Maiming:+3-4 Maxalvl=7clvl=5Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Maiming:+3-4 Maxalvl=42clvl=34Shields, Rings, Amulets
of Slaying:+5-7 Maxalvl=11clvl=8Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Gore:+8-10 Maxalvl=14clvl=10Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Carnage:+11-14 Maxalvl=19clvl=14Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Slaughter:+15-20 Maxalvl=25clvl=18Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)

+Min Damage:
of Worth:+1-2 Minalvl=1clvl=1Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Worth:+2-3 Minalvl=15clvl=11Rings, Amulets
of Measure:+3-4 Minalvl=12clvl=9Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Measure:+4-5 Minalvl=37clvl=29Rings, Amulets
of Excellence:+5-8 Minalvl=24clvl=18Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Excellence:+6-9 Minalvl=59clvl=51Rings, Amulets
of Performance:+9-14 Minalvl=48clvl=40Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)

Life Leech:
of the Leech:4-5% Leechalvl=6clvl=4Weapons
of the Leech:3-4% Leechalvl=14clvl=10Rings
of the Leech:3-3% Leechalvl=34clvl=26Gloves
of the Locust:6-7% Leechalvl=20clvl=15Melee Weapons
of the Locust:5-6% Leechalvl=47clvl=35Rings

Mana Leech:
of the Bat:4-5% Leechalvl=7clvl=4Weapons
of the Bat:2-3% Leechalvl=25clvl=21Rings
of the Bat:3-4% Leechalvl=15clvl=11Amulets
of the Bat:3% Leechalvl=35clvl=27Gloves
of the Wraith:6-7% Leechalvl=21clvl=16Melee Weapons
of the Wraith:5-6% Leechalvl=58clvl=40Amulets
of the Wraith:4-5% Leechalvl=58clvl=46Rings

Attack Speed:
of Readiness:10% IASalvl=5clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Readiness:10% IASalvl=20clvl=15Gloves
of Alacrity:20% IASalvl=25clvl=17Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Swiftness:30% IASalvl=34clvl=26Melee Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)
of Quickness:40% IASalvl=46clvl=38Melee Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves)

Faster Hit Recovery:
of Balance:10% FHRalvl=5clvl=3Armor (excluding Gloves)
of Equilibrium:17% FHRalvl=9clvl=6Body Armor, Belt, Shield
of Stability:24% FHRalvl=18clvl=13Body Armor, Belt

Block Rate:
of Blocking:10%IBC, 15%FBRalvl=1clvl=1Shields
of Deflecting:20%IBC, 30%FBRalvl=11clvl=8Shields

Faster Cast Rate:
of Apprentice:10% FCRalvl=5clvl=3Scepters, Wands, Staves, Rings, Amulets
of Magus:20% FCRalvl=29clvl=21Wands, Staves

Cold Damage:
of Frost:+1 Cold 1secalvl=1clvl=1Weapons (excluding Staves, Wands) *
of Frost:+1-(1-2) Cold 2secalvl=4clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Frost:+1-(3-6) Cold 2secalvl=55clvl=41Belts, Amulets
of Glacier:+(2-4)-(4-15) Cold 4secalvl=27clvl=20Weapons (excluding Wands)

Fire Damage:
of Flame:+1-2 Fire alvl=1clvl=1Weapons (excluding Staves, Wands) *
of Flame:+1-(2-5) Firealvl=4clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Fire:+(1-4)-(6-11) Firealvl=15clvl=11Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Burning:+(5-9)-(10-20) Firealvl=25clvl=18Weapons (excluding Wands)

Lightning Damage:
of Shock:+1-3 Lightningalvl=1clvl=1Weapons (excluding Staves, Wands) *
of Shock:+1-(6-8) Lightningalvl=4clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Lightning:+1-(9-16) Lightningalvl=15clvl=11Weapons (excluding Wands)
of Thunder:+1-(17-40) Lightningalvl=25clvl=18Weapons (excluding Wands)

Poison Damage:
of Blight:1 poison 2 secondsalvl=1clvl=1Weapons (excluding Scepters, Stave) *
of Blight:7 poison 3 secondsalvl=5clvl=3Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves, Scepters)
of Venom:21 poison 4 secondsalvl=15clvl=11Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves, Scepters)
of Pestilence:50 poison 5 secondsalvl=25clvl=18Weapons (excluding Wands, Staves, Scepters)

Faster Run/Walk:
of Pacing:10% FRWalvl=12clvl=8Boots
of Haste:20% FRWalvl=22clvl=16Boots
of Speed:30% FRWalvl=37clvl=29Boots

Gold Find:
of Greed:25-40% GFalvl=1clvl=1Rings, Amulets
of Wealth:41-80% GFalvl=17clvl=12Boots, Gloves, Belt, Amulets

Magic Find:
of Chance:5-15% MFalvl=12clvl=9Boots, Gloves, Rings, Amulets
of Fortune:16-25% MFalvl=16clvl=12Boots, Gloves, Amulets
of Fortune(M):16-25% MFalvl=42clvl=31Rings

Freeze Duration:
of Warmth:Half Freezealvl=10clvl=7Shields, Boots, Gloves, Rings, Amulets

Prevent Monster Heal:
of Vileness:PMHalvl=9clvl=6Melee Weapons (excluding Scepters, Staves and Wands)

Poison Length Reduced:
of Defiance:Reduced 75%alvl=25clvl=18Body Armors, Shields, Amulets
of Amelioration:Reduced 50%alvl=18clvl=13Body Armors, Shields, Amulets

of Simplicty:-30% reqalvl=25clvl=18Body Armors, Shields, Weapons (excluding Scepters, Staves, Wands)
of Ease:-20% reqalvl=15clvl=11Body Armors, Shields, Weapons (excluding Scepters, Staves, Wands)

Life Regeneration:
Regeneration:Rep Life 2alvl=1clvl=1Amulets *
Regeneration:Rep Life 3-5alvl=10clvl=7Scepters, Belts, Rings, Amulets
Regeneration:Rep Life 3-5alvl=40clvl=30Shields, Gloves
Regeneration:Rep Life 3-5alvl=70clvl=52Body Armors, Boots, Weapons (excluding Scepters)
Regrowth:Rep Life 6-10alvl=17clvl=12Scepters, Amulets
Regrowth:Rep Life 6-9alvl=55clvl=41Belts, Rings

Damage Reduction:
of Health:Damage reduced by 1alvl=7clvl=5Body Armors, Shields, Rings, Amulets
of Protection:Damage reduced by 2alvl=18clvl=13Rings, Amulets
of Protection:Damage reduced by 2alvl=24clvl=18Body Armors, Shields
of Absorption:Damage reduced by 3alvl=26clvl=19Amulets
of Absorption:Damage reduced by 3alvl=32clvl=24Body Armors, Shields
of Life:Damage reduced by 4alvl=35clvl=26Amulets
of Life:Damage reduced by 4alvl=41clvl=33Body Armors, Shields
of Warding:Magic reduced by 1alvl=7clvl=5Body Armors, Shields, Rings, Amulets
of Sentinel:Magic reduced by 2alvl=18clvl=12Rings, Amulets
of Sentinel:Magic reduced by 2alvl=24clvl=18Body Armors, Shields
of Guarding:Magic reduced by 3alvl=26clvl=19Amulets
of Guarding:Magic reduced by 3alvl=32clvl=24Body Armors, Shields

Ignores Target Defense:
of Piercing:ITDalvl=25clvl=18Scepters, Staves, Wands, Daggers

of the Bear:Knockbackalvl=8clvl=6Melee Weapons

Attacker Takes Damage:
of Thorns:ATD 1alvl=1clvl=1Body Armor, Shields, Belts *
of Thorns:ATD 1-3alvl=14clvl=10Body Armor, Shields, Belts
of Spikes:ATD 4-6alvl=21clvl=15Body Armor, Shields, Belts

Light Radius & Attack Rating:
of Light:+1 Radius 10ARalvl=1clvl=1Ring, Amulets *
of Light:+1 Radius 15ARalvl=6clvl=4Armor, Scepters, Wands, Staves, Rings, Amulets
of Radiance:+3 Radius 30ARalvl=15clvl=11Scepters, Wands, Staves, Missile Weapons, Rings, Amulets, Helms
of the Sun:+5 Radius 5AR%alvl=17clvl=12Scepters, Wands, Staves, Missile Weapons, Gloves, Rings, Amulets, Helms