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1. Windbringers Immortal King Set ULTIMATE GUIDE | 12/14/2003 8:22:06 AM PST  
Greetings, I will guide you to the max using 1.10 IK set that would be "almost" godly in pvm or pvp.
This build is according to my own experience as a set collector from the screwed up 1.09 patch to the ultimate 1.10 set's.
This build is generaly player vs monster but you might somehow be able to go player vs player as you will become superior at this.
This guide is not only for the honor of my fellow KING's and set collector but also for concetrate build Barbarians.
Other guide might be the same in some cases but ill guide you till the last points, item, level and other that might affect your build.

Ik build advantages: (why use Immortal king set?)
* This set/guide is for set colloctors or someone that completed the set and want to try if the costly set worth it.
* It is nice have the privillage to wear the item that the past kings have worn ^^.
* You dont have to worry about other items since IK got everything and all of it's item are usefull. (only need ring and amulet)
* You will do great amount of damage both physical and elemental.
* You will notice that when you enter a public game, almost all the time they will notice you that you are an Immortal king. (Wow complete IK set or why are you glowing?)
* Nice looks, all black and glowy.
* It has all the things you need, from resist, damages, speed and more
* One that you are proud with.
* Lovely and amazing
* etc.

IK build disavantages: (Wow i got owned)
* This set doesnt allow you to wear your favorite item except for ring and amulet
* The set is quite expensive. (Armor only)
* You wont be able to use shield which is your life vs archers or with player vs player game.
* Like all barbs, they are screwed up with player vs player againts "NEW" fire Sorceres, Hammerdins, Trap Assasin and bone Necromanacer builds.
* Others that deal with player vs player range and elemental ones (overpowered builds, All barbs are screwed)(some found there way vs em but some are still seeking!!)

Lets do the skill distribution:
There's a lot of alternative skills, which is nice but you might love this more than them.
Of course its the Concentrate Barb.

Your skill distribution are:(no +skill item bonus[base skill])
Combat masteries: (total points: 24 skills)
Mace mastery: 20
Increased speed: 1
Increased stamina: 1
Iron skin: 1
Natural resistance: 1

Combat skills: (total ponts: 45-49)
Bash attact: 1
Leap: 1
Stun: 1
Leap attact: 1
Concentrate: 20
Wirlwind: 20
Berserk: 1-5 (you can swap your reserved skill points for berserk to shout or vise versa depend on your taste)

War cries: (total skill points: 35-39)
Howl: 1
Shout: 14-17 (rest)(see berserk)
Battle orders: 20
Battle command: 1

Why those skills?
Well... it is still depend on you, but in that IK consetrate barb, you'll use the full/max effectiveness of it(concentrate)

In combat masteries:
Weapon mastery is the most important skill you should have because it is passive. And since your weapon is mace class you should master the mace mastery.
Increase speed, Increase stamina worth a point. It will benifit you all the time.

Put only one point in iron skin and let the plus skill boost it. You might want to boost your defence using shout insted of iron skin since it boost the duration of your Cries, add a lot of defence and so party friendly.

Put only one point in natural resistance and let the plus skill items boost it. 1.10 IK set give's you just enough resistnce so you dont have to worry about it.

In Combat skills:
Use bash attact and stun as prerequisutes for your main skill, concentrate.

Use leap and leap attack as perrequisites for your secondary skill(usualy main) skill wirlwind.

Berserk, put 1-5 points on it depend on you. Use it to add magic damage on your concentrate skill or to kill an immune to physical boss, immune to physical monster with high life or when you are cursed with iron maiden (only).

Max Concentrate skill as this would be your primary skill. It will boost your defence and will add a lot of physical damage which is essensial for fast leeching. You dont have to worry about immune to physical monster since IK set provide you just enough elemental damage to kill them using just concentrate. But you might want to use berserk if you are fighting immune to physical boss to make the fight shorter(solo him or you're dead)

Max Wirlwind as this would be your croud control skill when the battle gets bad, or the enemies attact faster than you, or theres too many of them, or the enemies damages you a lot that makes your life goes down with only few hits from them. (E.g. cows, baals minions, and bloodlords). Wirlwind will proveide you nice attact rate and amazing leech.

In Warcries:
Use howl as prerequisite for shout, battle orders and battle command.

Shout, Well this thing is up to you. If you think you need more deffence, then go it or you can just swap the skill you are planin to put here (14-17 skills) to berserk(1-5) to synergize the concentrate if you want. Its up to you.

Battle orders is the one skill that you shouldnt miss when you are a barb. For basic reasons, life boost and mana boost is just irresistable for your, for merc and for your party members.

Battle command worth a point. cast battle command first, then cast shout and battle orders. This way, you just boost your battle orders and shout by 1 point. (be smart)

Skill points alternatives:
There's a lot of alternative skills that you might want to max-out insted of what i'd mentioned. Here are some skill alternatives the are as effective as what i've mentioned:
1st: (swap skill points of Berserk to wirl wind
20 Bersker (insted of wirlwind)
1-5 wirlwind
2nd: Here is you 2nd best choise:
20 mace mastery
20 Battle order
20 shout
19 Iron skin
20 wirlwind (or swap to concentrate)
1 berserk
1 consentrate (or swpa to Wirlwind)
1 stun
1 bash
1 leapattact
1 leap
1 increase speed
1 increase stamina
1 natural resist
1 Battle command
1 howl
Total points are 110. You must max the Iron skin "last". Use consentrate/berserk for the left click on your mouse. They are still effective even with only 1 skill(+skill item).

Maxing berserk: This alternative skill will give you the chance to boost your damage(both concentrate and bersker it self but remember, 20ed[magic] is not that huge damage). Only if you dont feel using the old fasoined wirlwind.

Stats points distribution: (no +stats bonus[base stats points])

strenght: 300 or swap with vitality points
dexterity: 30-50 dex will be enough
vitality: rest or swap with strenght points
energy: none

Strenght, why so high? "It is depend on you," you can just put few points in strenght then put huge stats on vitality or the other way round. Just remember that hammers recieves 1.1 Enhance damage per strenght points. So if you want 1 power blow that can kill enemies in 1-2 hits, then you might want to boost this.

Dexterity, why so low? You dont have to have a lot of dexterity since Ik boost your dex just enough to hit a thing properly. If you experience a lot of miss attack, then you might consider leveling or maybe add some more dexterity.

Vitality, why it is..? Ohh well like i said, you might put 350 or more points here then few in strenght or 200(just enought) points here and the rest in strenght. "You might want to take advantage of this gift from the KINGS," because 1 point in vitality gives 4 life in you barbarian but since "strenght have a nice gift" also (1.1ED per str), its up to you to choose from.

Energy, why so low? This one dont need to be boosted. Battle orders, mana per level and mana leech gives you just enough to survive your hellish journey. In some cases, its annoying to fight a immune to physical with mana burn, But that thing is about your game play, so i leave that thing to you.

If you ganna go duel, beter to put just:

Strenght: Just enough to wear items
Dexterity: 30-50
Vitality: All remaining points here
Energy: None

Helm: Immortal King's Will Avenger Guard
Armor: Immortal King's Soul Cage Sacred Armor
Weapon: Immortal King's Stone Crusher Ogre Maul
Shield: None
Belt: Immortal KIng's Detail War Belt
Boots: Immortal King's Pillar War Boots
Gloves: Immortal King's Forge War Guntlets
Rings: Could be Raven's Frost/BUlkath's Wedding Band/ Life leech ring with Strenght and/or Life boost(crafted or rare). NOTE: If you ganna go PVP, remember to remove/replace your leech rings with absorb rings, LEECH DOESNT WORK IN PVP.
Amulet: Could be Mara Kalindoscope, Highlords Wrath, Creasent moon(amazing one, refils life in one blow) or some +2Skills amulets that adds some important mods(crafted or rare).

Items tips: If you want to be more powerfull and need a challange, you might consider searching or making craft/rare items, as this can make your build different from other.

What to socket?
Maul: You can put 2 sheal rune to abtain the next frame of your wirlwind attack or mal+amn for life leech and prevent monster to heal. You can also put 2 ohm rune to boost the damage or what ever your favorite gem is. Dont worry if you put wrong jewel in your weapon since it is easy to obtain or you can remove it using cube, just dont waste high runes if it will not beifits you. But the best to put in it are 2*40 Enhance damage/15 Increase attct speed jewel. It will, not only boost your damage but also meets your next frame for wirlwind(need 30 IAS to meet next frame)

Helm: You can put what ever you want for it. ED/max jewel, pul runes, IAS jewel, um rune. resist jewel, rainbow facet ("when you die," If you are dueling) or what ever you want. For an instance you can put a cheap fal rune or io rune for a basic reason. (increase damage or life) IO rune will give you 20 vitality and that is equal to 80 life for barb plus your Battle order, this just a simply godly mind. If you are rich enough, try to find 40ED/9str as str increase your damage considerably beter than +max if the max is "outside" the wepaon.

Armor: You can put cham rune if you dont want to use raven's frost, or same as reason as helm.

Socketing aim:
Your first aim using IK maul is to reach the fastest attack speed you can get then after that, you may increase your attack damage and character defences.
Your attack speed aim are:
13 frames per attack (fpa) @ 1.9 attack per second (aps)[min] or 12fpa @ 2aps[max] using concentrate and bersker.
4 fpa @ 6.2 aps using wirlwind

To reach those speed you will need items/jewel that "increases attack speed" (IAS). Your IAS aim are:
75% IAS[min] or 109% IAS[max] using concetrate/berserk
70% IAS using wirlwind
Now remember, you already have 40% in maul and 25% IAS in gloves(IAS in gloves doesnt affect WW) so you only need 30-45% bonus IAS from other items/jewel!
Note: "Wirlwind is weapon IAS dependant, any IAS out-side the weapon doesnt effect wirlwind attack speed" while concetrate takes any IAS in any items! So if you want to increase your Wirlwind attack speed, you will have to put jewels/runes with IAS bonus in maul only. Putting 2*sheal runes in maul will raech your wirlwind, concentrate and berserk attack speed aim. (total speed will be 80% IAS for WW and 105 for berserk and concentrate) There are still other alternative jewels you can use while 2 sheal runes are the cheapest one!
To reach the next attack speed using concentrate/berserk, you have to put extra 5% IAS! You can get this buy putting 15%IAS in helm/armor or by using highlords amulet!

Here's a IAS calculator that might help you:

What charms?
Ill say that if you want a nice Barbarian. Use 3/20/20 small charms but it is way too expensive. Or 100pd/2str small charms, 100pd/20life small charms or just a plain 18-20 life small charm. You might consider having mastery grancharm if you are short of resistance/speed /damage and deffence, combat grand charms for damage or war cries grancharms for life and deffence.

Leeching: You should'nt have problem with life leech and mana leech, but in some cases, you might consider boosting them up. The creasent moon amulet will provide you just nice boost so you can add your favorite ring or vise versa. Leech will be your Guardian together with deffence since you dont have shield. Obtaining as much Leech as possible will makes difference between life and death.

Resistance: Resistance should'nt be your problem. A complete IK set gives you about 120-150+ all resist and 1 point+skill item in natural resisnce will provide you just nice resistance for all. Below is your hell resistance using IK set with complete quest and level 1(base) natural resistance:

Fire: 92
Cold: 64
Lightning: 95
Poison: 74

As you can see you only need 11% cold resist and 1% poison resist to max all of your resistnce in hell. The number above uses only the IK set, so +barb skill charm, resist charms, rings or ammy will/can provide you what your looking for.

Gameplay: Its up to you. Find something out your self, find something that makes your character godly and/or to gain knowledge not only in diablo game but also in life(if you can apply it ^^[kill sadam using wirlwind]). The relaibility of the IK build Barbarian is depend on your gameplay specially when doing player vs player games ^^.

Tips for player vs player games:
Just some simple things; 1) Have a huge life 2) Have enough damage 3) RUN FAST (as fast as you can) 4) Dont lag 5) Dont bother having leech rings or items(leech dont work in PVP) 6) have some absorb(replce leech rings with absorb rings) 7) Dont forget to cast BC/BO/Shout 8) Dont use bersker(man, you dont have a shield) 9) LOOK at tips 1-8 again and finally 10) BE PROUD to be the KING.

Well i guess thats it: Feedback? comments? recommendation? Just post Here. But dont flame, if you dont want my guide/build, then make your own. But its nice to have flames if it is reasonable.

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